3 Best Badminton Shoes for Better Performance

Playing badminton has both emotional and physical benefits to the players. They not only entertain spectators but also make them involved in the play by giving the best performance. Every player wants to do that and this is possible just by giving a tremendous performance. Given a list of Top 3 badminton shoes will surely help in enhancing your performance.

3 Best Badminton Shoes

Choosing a badminton shoe involves various important factors that start from quality to budget. These given shoes will fit both pricing and even has high-quality material.

Let’s start with the world-famous brand that is Yonex.

1.     Yonex Hydro Force 5 Badminton Shoes


Yonex Hydro Force 5 Badminton Shoes



Sole Material

Outer Material

Ideal for




Aggressive players


1.     Hydro-Force 5 is an ultimate source for providing maximum shock absorption.

2.      It has a Carbon Sheet along with robust reinforcement to reduce shoe twists.

3.      It is embedded with the TruCushion insole to improve performance and comfort.

4.      It offers TPU support which helps in improving stability while landing at the arch area.

Overall Performance:

Yonex Badminton shoes have won the heart of many professional-level players. Now Yonex has come up with Yonex Hydro force 5 to add more to the sports world. It has a transparent sole for offering quicker and better sharper movements. Moreover, it has a Double Russel Mesh that is highly breathable for providing more comfort level. 

2.     Lining Attack Pro 4 Badminton Shoes

Lining Attack Pro 4 Badminton Shoes


Sole Material

Outer Material

Ideal for


Rubber Outsole & Phylon Midsole

Synthetic leather & Mesh

Professional Level


1.      Lining Attack Pro 4 has Phylon Midsole for providing better support to the shoe.

2.      It has Synthetic leather and mesh for offering better arch support.

3.      It has breathable material which helps in making its ride smoother as compared to other available shoes.

Overall Performance:

The lining Attack Pro 4 is made to provide cushioning and support during play and training. It is crafted with a unique outsole and anti-collision toe cap to deliver high performance on the court.

In addition to this, it has been embedded with TPU for supplying extra stability and injury prevention. 

3.     Asics Upcourt 4 Indoor shoes 

Asics Upcourt 4 Indoor shoes


Sole Material

Outer Material

Ideal for


EVA Midsole


Advanced Level


1.      Upcourt 4 indoor has a mesh upper along with synthetic leather to deliver better performance on the court.

2.      It has a rubber gum sole to afford better durability and traction.

3.      It has a flexible round toe for offering better arch support. 

Overall Performance:

Asics upcourt 4 indoor badminton Shoe is crafted for the indoor court athletes who have just entered the play. Upcourt 4 badminton shoe offers a unique combination of support, flexibility, and longer durability.

Upcourt 4 has been constructed with the help of synthetic leather overlays to deliver better stability and support. Whereas to make players more comfortable it has a breathable meshing panel. Lastly, it is designed to get a better degree of traction, featuring a rubber gum-sole.

Wrap up,

Badminton Shoes are considered to be vital gear/equipment which can decide the result of play. Given above 3 best badminton shoes are best to my knowledge and these may vary from others. If you think we should add something in the content, do drop a comment in the comment section. 



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