How to Choose Perfect Badminton Shuttlecock?

A Badminton shuttlecock or birdie is a conical-shaped object made from feathers. It gives projectile flight taking place between both sides of the badminton court. This shuttlecock is being hit over the court to continue the play.

How to choose perfect badminton Shuttlecock

Now, let’s discuss the two different types of badminton shuttlecock available to play on the court. 

Feather Shuttlecocks

The most common shuttlecock known for the pro-level game is the feather shuttlecock. It’s aerodynamic in design but it’s very frail at the same time. It is a lightweight shuttlecock which helps in traveling smoothly in the air. However, these birds or shuttlecocks need to have power while playing in the court so that shuttlecock can reach the opponent.

The Next major issue that players can face while playing with a feather shuttlecock, it can easily get damaged. As a result, players cannot perform well enough with these shuttlecocks.

To give better performance, a feather shuttlecock should be kept in a humidifier. Some people may not have a humidifier, they can simply place a wet sponge at the end of the shuttlecock. 

Different types of feathers

The majority of manufacturers made two types of features for their shuttlecock- the first one is goose and the second is duck feather. Shuttlecocks those are made from goose feathers tend to perform better on the court and players can play more matches as these are more durable in nature. However, some players still use duck-made shuttlecock to provide premium-quality performance on the court. 

Synthetic Shuttlecock

Most beginners prefer to play with a synthetic shuttlecock as they can go longer and it’s much easier to hit it as compared to the feathered version. Another major advantage of synthetic shuttlecock is that these are affordable as compared to other available shuttlecock. So if you have just entered in the badminton world and would like to practice your shots, it's best for you to play with the synthetic shuttlecock. 

Synthetic Shuttlecocks are usually the favorite of clubs and schools, as they use it for their recreational and training purpose. So, if you are thinking to play this game seriously then you must practice with a feathered shuttlecock. 

Whereas synthetic shuttlecock might go longer in terms of durability, but these lack in providing flight stability that is present in feathered shuttlecock. So, if play with synthetic, it will be difficult to switch to feathered one as you are habitual of synthetic flight.  

Selection of Brand

The selection of shuttlecock strictly depends upon the level of your play. So one should pick a shuttlecock based on one’s skill level and how serious you are about badminton sports. 

Moreover, it’s also vital to pick the right brand of the shuttlecock. Of course, if you are new to the game or want to just give it a try, any old shuttlecock would work out. However, if you are serious about the play and want to adopt it as a profession or even hobby, it’s best to get a premium-quality shuttlecock from any renowned company that starts from Wilson to Yonex. 

Wrap up,

Hope you liked the information given above. Next time when you will visit any store or even shop online, keep these points in mind. This is my personal research, it may vary from person to person. Please drop a line in the comment section, if you have a suggestion or want to add some vital information. 


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